The natural combination for aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery and dermatology

The mission of INDIBA® is to research, develop and update medical technology to achieve versatility, profitability and a high yield. This, together with an exhaustive training programme, allows health care professionals to offer patients safe, effective and harmless treatments.

Experience that dates back to 1983 and the sale of more than 19,000 devices make INDIBA® the pioneer in medical radiofrequency. The development of new applications, as a result of its latest scientific discoveries, gives health care professionals the most versatile tool for treating surgical, dermatological and aesthetic medicine patients.

DEEP CARE by INDIBA® has developed exclusive protocols combining its methodology with the most common plastic surgery, dermatology and aesthetic medicine treatments.


What is Sofwave™? Sofwave™ is the latest and most advanced anti-aging technology to revitalize the skin through innovative stimulation of the production of new collagen in a single session. Starting […]

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