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The CRISTAL® cryolipolysis device employs a dual cooling system: the combination of a R134a gas cooler and a radiator cooling ensure a quick descend to the set temperature and maintain a stable cold temperature during the entire treatment. Optimal results for your patients and a high profitability for you are guaranteed through this medical innovation.

This innovative technique, which ensures safety and efficiency, is non-invasive and requires no anesthesia. After 8 weeks, the result is optimal and definitive.
CRISTAL® is the reference in cryolipolysis, don’t wait any longer to find out!

✔ 7 hand pieces for safe and efficient treatment

✔ 2 applicators can be used simultaneously

✔ Preset protocols for fast treatment selection

✔ Controlled cooling down to -8°C

✔ 8 control sensors & dermis pressure sensor for maximum patient safety

✔ Designed & manufactured in France along highest European standards

✔ 2 years of warranty & enduring after-sales service

✔ No running costs (license fees)

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