Fifi Hidayah

At Regenesis, I gained not only work experience but also personal development through the process. Initially I was an empty glass that had no contents, at Regenesis I learned a lot of knowledge until I became a much greater person and always up to date. Working here, for me, there is never a boring day, […]

Asep Saepul Bahri

I have worked at PT. Regenesis Indonesia for almost 8 years, of course there is a lot of momentum that I can take as experience, for example the I-CARE program, where this program can be used as a fortress or reminder for ourselves and others. So that it can change the behavior, attitudes and actions […]

Nurul Rochmawati

“I have been working as an accountant at PT Regenesis Indonesia for almost 5 years, I have had many challenges and experiences here. I have learned many things from Regenesis ladies and colleagues, both about the professional world of work and about everyday life and being useful for the surroundings. Thank you very much Regenesis […]


The experience of working at Regenesis for 9 years has been an extraordinary and enjoyable experience. The core value “I-Care” which always provides positive impacts not only in the work environment but also outside the work environment. Hopefully in the future we can make even better contributions and be successful with PT Regenesis. Regenesis, keep […]

Arifiyanti Yudhis

My 8 years of experience at my beloved PT Regenesis has been very influential in my life, carrying out task after task with sincerity and love is my principle. By working to carry out accountability and integrity, God willing, we will produce something extraordinary. We ask for 1. Allah will give us 10. Try to […]